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International cooperation in Kirovohrad Region

Kirovohrad Region is the centre of Ukraine, which makes it a favourable place for the development of trade links and beneficial investment cooperation.

Interregional cooperation

The region's cooperation is ensured with foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Ukraine, including the Embassies of the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Bulgaria, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland, the Portuguese Republic, the Slovak Republic, the United States of America and Japan.
On the interregional scale (and under agreements on cooperation signed with the regions of foreign countries), the region cooperates with:

Xuzhou city of Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China

Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China

Lower Silesia Voivodeship, Republic of Poland

Mogilev Region, Republic of Belarus

Bundesland Styria, Republic of Austria

Braga City, Portuguese Republic

Incheon city, Republic of Korea

Nitra Region, Slovak Republic
Foreign economic activity:

The region's international cooperation grows every year. The companies of the region maintain trade relations with foreign partners from more than 100 countries,
and the region has been having a positive foreign trade balance for many years.

Foreign trade turnover in goods in 2016 amounted to 607.1 million USD,
including 425.1 million USD exports and 182 million USD imports.

Exports to the EU countries accounted for 27.2% of the total exports of the region, while exports to the CIS accounted for 16.6%. Import from EU accounted for 40.7% of all imported goods, while the CIS countries supplied 10.6%.


Animal and vegetable fats and oils, machinery and equipment traditionally constitute the major portion of region's exports, while machinery and equipment are the most imported goods.


External markets have a demand for sunflower oil produced by
PE VIKTOR I K, PJSC KIROVOHRADOLIIA, LLC HRADOLIIA; grain and industrial crops produced by
LLC UKRAGROKOM; sowing machinery and cultivators made by PJSC ELVORTI; hydraulic machines for tractors, combine harvesters and other vehicles by JSC HYDROSILA.

Since 2013, the International Agricultural Exhibition "AgroExpo" with the field demonstration of equipment and technologies is held annually in the region, which is not only an exhibition of agricultural machinery and technology demonstration, but also a venue for business forums and a special platform for dialogue between representatives of major machine-builders, top managers of foreign and national corporations, as well as international agribusiness experts.

Investment activity

Kirovohrad Region has all the opportunities for active attraction of domestic and foreign investment. Geographical position of the Region, availability of unique minerals, fertile black soil and well-developed agricultural and industrial potential make it attractive for investment. The processing, extracting and food industries have been created and are growing very rapidly in the region.

Investors from 35 countries of the world have ploughed in the region's economy. The largest investments came from the Great Britain, Cyprus, Russia and the Netherlands. These countries account for almost 80% of the total amount of foreign direct investment.
The largest amounts of investments went to the industrial companies.


The region has been regularly holding the "Central
Ukrainian Investment Day" international investment forum,
which became a platform for dialogue between the authorities and Ukrainian and international businesses, and contributes to addressing the issues of economic growth and improving the investment climate in the Kirovohrad region.

Cooperation with international technical assistance donors and international financial organisations

Efforts are made in the region in to develop cooperation with Cooperation with international technical assistance donors and international financial organisations for the attraction of additional financial resources, including United Nations Development Programme, European Union, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership, the Clean Technology Fund, etc.

In recent years, a number of successful projects (programmes) of international financial organizations and international technical assistance have been implemented in the region, including:

Joint UNDP/EU Project “Community Based Approach to Local Development”

The project is implemented in the region since 2008. Currently, Project Phase 3 is being implemented.

Project Phases 1 and 2 resulted in the implementation of 116 micro-projects by the local communities with the total cost of 18.3 million UAH, including 8.7 million UAH of international technical assistance.

Project Phase 3 includes the implementation of 38 micro-projects and 11 micro-projects for the economic development of 4 agricultural service cooperatives, of which
35 micro-projects have been completed (innovative and energy-efficient methods have been implemented for outdoor lighting; water supply systems have been improved; energy-saving and energy-efficient measures have been implemented at schools, preschool facilities and rural health posts; agricultural machinery has been purchased for 4 agricultural service cooperatives (11 micro-projects).

The total cost of 49 micro-projects is more than 18 million UAH, including more than 11 million UAH of international technical assistance.

The activities for Project implementation in the region still continue.

Human Security Project of the Kusanone Programme by the Embassy of Japan

Within the framework of the Project, capital repair of Zlatopol Gymnasium was carried out; water supply and sewerage system of Kanizh school and three preschool facilities in Novomyrhorod, Novomyrhorod District, were reconstructed.

The total cost of the Project is 1.7 million UAH, including 1.4 million UAH of international technical assistance.

Project "Creation of Value-Added Dairy Chains" with the support of USAID AgroInvest Project

Within the framework of the Project, a milk processing facility of "Ivankovetsky svitanok" Agricultural Service Cooperative was built with a milk processing capacity of 3 tons per shift.
The total cost of the Project is 2.1 million UAH, including 1.5 million UAH of international technical assistance.

Grant Programme of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Under this programme, 5 projects were implemented in Novomyrhorod District:
"Replacement of window units and entrance doors with energy-saving reinforced plastic units in Kanizh village school";
"Improvement of conditions in Lystopadove village kindergarten (installation of heating systems, replacement of heating equipment, thermal insulation of attics)";
"Improvement of medical services provision by establishing a family practice helthcare centre in Osytnyazhka village (replacement of windows, installation of a heating system based on pyrolysis boiler)";
"Creation and activity management of a fitness facility for the young people in the Zlatopil Gymnasium in the town of Novomyrhorod";
"Improvement of living conditions for single elderly citizens in Panchevske nursing home of the territorial social services centre in Novomyrhorod district".
The total cost of these Projects is 644.4 thousand UAH, including 442.4 thousand UAH of international technical assistance.

"Promoting the Development of Social Infrastructure" Project of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund

Within the framework of the Project, 21 micro-projects for the rehabilitation of social infrastructure (10 schools,
4 preschool facilities, 4 water supply lines, 1 rural health post, 1 cultural centre and 1 children's library) have been implemented in 8 districts of the region.
The total cost of the Project is more than 31 million UAH, including 25 million UAH of international technical assistance.

"Improvement of Medical Equipment for Children's Hospitals in Ukraine" Project by the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation with the financial support of the Japanese Government.

Within the framework of the project, the Kirovohrad Regional Children's Hospital received medical equipment and spare parts necessary to provide medical care to children, for a total of 17 million UAH.

"Building the Future Together!" Project within the framework of the EU Programme "Support for Conflict Affected Communities in Ukraine"

Within the framework of the project in Novhorodka urban settlement of Novhorodka district, the capital repair has been carried out of the vocational school No.36 dormitory to accommodate 150 young families with children who have left the anti-terrorist operation area and of the Svitliachok kindergarten for 70 children.
The total cost of the Project is 711.8 thousand EUR, including 640.8 thousand EUR of international technical assistance.

Healthy Women of Ukraine Programme supported by the US Government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Within the framework of the programme, educational sessions for the population on family planning and reproductive health, as well as conferences, seminars, 3-day and 5-day clinical trainings for district healthcare workers, were held in the region.
During the implementation of the Programme, highly skilled professional human resources (obstetricians-gynaecologists, family practitioners, nurses) were trained, a well-ordered family planning system was created, and a positive changes in key indicators of obstetric and paediatric services in the region were achieved.

"DemoUkrainaDH" Grant Programme with the participation of the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (SIDA)

Within the framework of the programme, the "Modernisation of CHSS No.118 with the installation of a gas boiler and high-performance energy-saving equipment" Project was successfully implemented in the region.
The total cost of the Project is 740 thousand EUR.
The following modern energy-saving equipment was installed at CHSS No.118: boilers, ancillary equipment, 100 kW cogeneration unit, water treatment system and dispatching systems; complete replacement of heating pipes with pre-insulated pipes (replacement of heat supply pipes leading from the boiler facility to the customers' entry points with pre-insulated pipes, resumption of hot water supply).
TSC No.118 operates in a normal mode and supplies heat to 6 nine-storey
houses with 1800 apartments and to the Children and Youth Creativity Centre in Oleksandriia.

"Hydropower Plants Rehabilitation" Project supported by the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Within the framework of the Project, the investment project "Reconstruction of JSC "Ukrhidroenergo" HPP - Phase II, branch "Kremenchuk HPP" with a total cost of 4.6 billion UAH is being implemented in the region.
The purposes of the Project are:
to improve plant reliability;
to improve technical and economic indicators;
to improve the environmental situation (due to installation of an environmentally friendly turbine, the lubricants are prevented from entering the water).
Since the beginning of the Project, hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment of the hydroelectric power plant have been upgraded (hydropower equipment for the turbine and a generator of the hydropower unit have been purchased and installed).
By the end of 2016, 317.3 million UAH was absorbed, including 275.5 million of funds from international financial organizations.

"Urban Infrastructure Development - II" Project with the support of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Clean Technology Fund.

The project provides for large-scale renovation and modernisation of water supply systems, existing wastewater and sludge treatment facilities, replacement of obsolete water purification equipment, pumping stations for water supply, sewage pumping stations; installation of of remote control and automation systems.
OKVP "Dnipro-Kirovohrad" participates in the Project that will result in the improved quality of drinking water, reduced water losses during transportation to end users, as well as less energy consumption.
The total cost of the Project is 44.4 million USD.
As part of the implementation of the project, OKVP "Dnipro-Kirovohrad" in 2016 purchased vehicles for more than 1200,000 USD and laboratory equipment for 300,000 USD.