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Six cities and towns of the region have been included in the List of Historical Populated Localities of Ukraine ((Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.878 dd. 26 July 2001):

Kropyvnytskyi city (former Kirovohrad) - founded in 1754;

Bobrynets town - founded in 1767;

Novomyrhorod town - founded in 1740;

Novoukrainka town - founded in 1769;

Oleksandriia city - founded in 1751;

Nova Praha urban village in Oleksandrria District - founded in 1758.

Region's most important landmarks: the remains of earthen ramparts of the St. Elizabeth fortress; the 19th-20th centuries monuments of urban architecture in the central city of the region, monuments of landscape architecture of national importance "Khutir "Nadiia" and "Onufriivka Park", landscape reserves "Karpenkiv Krai"and "Chornoliskyi", "Veseli Bokovenky" arboretum, pre-Christian temple 'Monastyryshche', Cossacks' Cross in Petrove District, and many other landmarks and sites, most of which are included in the tourist itineraries.

There are almost 170 tourist itineraries in region, the most popular of them are "Nature of Kirovohrad Region", "Land of Coryphaei", "Rayesky, the Dynasty of Heroes", "Golden Paths of Exampeus", "Korovai of Friendship", "Kirovohrad: The History. The Present. The Future", "In Search for Spirituality", "Beautiful Parts of Ustynivka District" "Historical and Cultural Sites of Svitlovodsk District" and "In Shevchenko's Footsteps".

In total, there are 5791 cultural heritage landmarks and sites (including individual objects located within the sites) in the region (including 24 of national importance):

2697 archaeological monuments and sites;

2161 historical monuments and sites;

26 pieces of monumental art;

905 architectural and urban planning monuments and sites;

2 monuments of landscape architecture.

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Greek Church) (Kropyvnytskyi)

It is the only church in the city that has never stopped functioning.

The City A.Osmerkin Art and Memorial Museum (Kropyvnytskyi)

The museumwas opened in 1994 in the house where the famous painter of the 1st half of the 20th century A. Osmerkin spent his childhood and adolescent years. The exhibits are displayed in 3 halls of the museum.

"Khutir Nadiia" I. K. Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyi) Reserve Museum (Mykolaivna village, Kirovohrad District)

Historical and architectural reserve of the Rayevsky family (Rozumivka village, Oleksandrivka District)

"Monastyryshche" Landscape Reserve (Zavturove village, Ustynivka District)

Artificial Lake "Large and Small Rocks" (Protopopivka village, Oleksandriia District)

Park and Museum Complex "Aviation in Kirovohrad Region) (Kropyvnytskyi)

Strategic Missile Troops Museum (Pobuzke urban settlement, Holovanivsk Distict)