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Construction complex of Kirovohrad Region

Construction complex of the Region consists of 447 building companies employing
2600 workers.

In 2016, the enterprises of the region completed the construction works to the value of 821.1 million UAH.

Major building companies in the Region:


Kirovohradevrobud Ltd.;

PE Kirovohrad-Transgasbud;

PE Camelot-3000;

Budkomplektservis Innovation Co., Ltd.;

Prombezpeka Ltd.;

Budexport Ltd.;

Subsidiary "Kirovohrad Oblavtodor";

Budkomplektservis Ltd.

ALC Dniproenergobudprom Association.

In order to provide material resources to the building companies in the region, there are main industrial facilities for production of:

sheet glass and multilayer insulating glass products,

non-refractory ceramic building bricks;

blocks and bricks of cement, concrete or artificial stone for construction;

tiles, flagstones, bricks and similar articles, of cement, concrete or artificial stone;

prefabricated structural components for building or civil engineering, of cement, concrete or artificial stone;

ready mortars and dry building mixes;

shaped ornamental and building stone; granules and powder of natural stone;

asphalt mixes for road surfacing, etc.

Major producers of building materials in the region:

ALC Dniproenergobudprom Association (Svitlovodsk);

Subsidiary Concrete Products Factory of ALC Dniproenergobudprom Association (Svitlovodsk);

PJSC "Svitlovodsk SPETSZALIZOBETON Factory" (Svitlovodsk);

Subsidiary "Svitlovodsk Silicate Products Factory" of CJSC "Kirovohradbudmaterialy" (Svitlovodsk);

"Concrete products M-400" Ltd. (Kropyvnytskyi);

"Kirovohrad Construction Materials Factory No.1" Ltd. (Kropyvnytskyi);

ALC "Kirovohrad Construction Materials Factory No.2 - SINTEZ" (Kropyvnytskyi);

Ukrbudinvest Ltd. (Kirovohrad District);

ELGRAN Ltd. (Kirovohrad District);

PJSC Kirovohradgranite (Kirovohrad District);

PrJSC Concrete Products Factory (Oleksandriia)

State Higher Educational Institution "Kirovohrad Building College"

Major educational institution of the region providing the training of specialists in construction specialities.

Training id provided in the following specialities:

Construction and Architecture;

Construction and Operation of Buildings and Structures;

Architectural Design and Interior;

Installation and maintenance of gas supply equipment and systems;

Construction, Operation and Repair of Motorways and Aerodromes;

Management and Administration;

Industrial Engineering


25015, Ukraine, Kirovohrad Region,

2, Druzhby Narodiv Square, Kropyvnytskyi

Fax: (0522) 24 - 89 – 66,

Telephone: (0522) 24 -89 - 63