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The location of the region in the centre of the Ukrainian crystalline shield caused the formation of large deposits of rare metals.
There are more than 390 mineral deposits in the region, of which 303 are registered by the State Register of Reserves of Ukraine.
The region is characterized by the presence of a number of unique components, first of all for the development of power generation (uranium ore, brown coal, combustible shale), ferrous metallurgy (iron, chromium, nickel, cobalt), non-metallic minerals (kaolin, rotten stone, graphite), ornamental, facing and building materials.

The Region is the monopolist in Ukraine for the uranium ore mining (83% of Ukraine's uranium reserves), possessing 100% of Ukraine's uranium mining.

Preliminary or detail exploration of 16 deposits has been done, of which 4 deposits are being developed (Michurinske and Central deposits in Kirovohrad District, and Vatutinske and Novokostyantynivske deposits - in Mala Vyska District). Dokuchaevske and Partizanske deposits have been explored as the possible raw material base for the Smolinska and the Novokostyantynivska mines, while the Aprelskyi and Zallisnyi ore prospects are being studied.

Fuel and energy minerals include brown coal, combustible shale and uranium ore.

In the Region, the Oleksandriysky and Vatutinsky geological and industrial areas of the Dnipro brown coal basin include 43 brown coal fields comprising
12 deposits, on which the reserves in the amount of 750 million tons were proved, which is 1.66% of the total reserves in Ukraine. The commercial coal reserves present in the fields of operating companies make up 67 million tons.

In Oleksandrivka district, Bovtyske deposit of oil shale with significant resources of 3.7 billion tons has been discovered.

In the region, there are also 5 multimetal deposits of nickel and cobalt.

Reserves and prospects of ledge gold ore with an average gold content of 6-6.5 g/tonne have been estimated at two deposits - Klyntsivske in Kirovohrad District and Yurievske in Kompaniivka District.

Lithium ores have been also discovered in the region. These are Polohivske (Mala Vyska District) and Stankuvatske (Dobrolevychkivka District) deposits. Within the limits of the Gannivsko-Zvenyhorodska ore-bearing zone (Novomyrhorod and Mala Vyska Districts), the occurrence of tantalum has been proved.

Non-metallic minerals

The reserves of graphite ore in the three explored deposits are 126.7 million tons of ore (51.5% of total reserves in Ukraine), or 7.9 million tons of crystalline graphite.

Balakhivske and Petrovske deposits are not being developed. Zavallivske deposit is exploited by Zavallivsky Graphite Plant. The associated minerals in this field are abrasive raw materials (garnet), with the estimated reserves of 20.3 million tons. Konoplyanske deposit of rotten stone (siliceous rock) is developed by PJSC "Kirovograd Mechanical Plant".

7 deposits of kaolin (suitable for use as non-metallic feed in metallurgy) are proved in the region, 2 of them are exploited - Oboznivske deposit of secondary kaolin (developed by PJSC "Kirovohradskу Rudoupravlinnia") and Balashivske deposit of secondary kaolin (developed by Sonek Ltd.).

In Kompaniivka District, LLC "Georesurs" has completed a geological survey with pilot commercial development of Lozuvatske deposit of ceramic pegmatites. After obtaining permits, the deposit of a new type of mineral will be put into production in the region.

Quartzite and quartz for refractory materials are represented by the Maloskelivske deposit, with commercial reserves amounting to 1.95 million tons.

Mineral resources for construction purposes are represented in the region by 10 types of minerals in 173 deposits.

17 deposits of building sand with commercial reserves of 46.5 million cubic meters; 74 deposits of building stone with reserves of 798.59 million cubic meters; 13 deposits of facing stone with reserves of 22.04 million cubic meters; 62 deposits of brick and tile raw materials with total reserves of more than 81 million cubic meters were proved.

Underground mineral water

Mineral water in the region is radon water and is used in medicine for external application; radon water deposits are proved in two areas with the daily flowrate of 433 cubic meters. Petrivska site is operated permanently (Znamianka Regional Balneological Hospital), while Oleksandriiska site is not in use.