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Kirovohrad region - has long been known as a region with well-developed agricultural production.

Climatic conditions are favourable for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Agricultural land

The area of agricultural land in the Region is 2,032.3 thousand hectares, or 4.9% of Ukraine's agricultural land. Arable lands occupy 1764.6 thousand hectares, or 71.8% of the Region's land resources (2458.8 thousand hectares); 86.8% of the total area of agricultural land in the region, which indicates a high level of agricultural land development.

The Region has:

3229 agricultural enterprises, using 1232.9 thousand hectares of agricultural land (60.7% of total area of agricultural land in the Region);

2550 farms, using 390 thousand hectares of agricultural land (19.2% of total area of agricultural land in the Region);

126.4 thousand households were given land plots with the total area of 300.2 thousand hectares (14.8% of total area of agricultural lands in the region) for individual farming purposes;

35 agricultural service cooperatives.

In agriculture, 108.6 thousand people are employed, or 28% of the total population engaged in economic activities.

The share of agricultural production of the Region in Ukraine's economy is 4.7%: including: grain - 5.5%; sugar beets - 4.7%; sunflower - 10.5%; meat - 2.2%; milk - 2.9%; eggs - 3%. The production volumes increased by 9.3% compared to 2015 figures.

Rankings of Kirovohrad region among the regions of Ukraine in 2016:

6th - in gross agricultural output growth rate;

8th - in gross agricultural output;

2nd - in gross agricultural output per person.

The growth of agricultural output in all categories of farms in 2016 was due to crop production - by 11.5% (by 5.3% to the average figure in the last three years), including grain and leguminous crops - by 12.4%, potatoes - by 14.8%, sunflower seeds - by 10.5%, sugar beet - by 40.1%.

Animal husbandry:

Well-targeted stock breeding is being carried out in the region.

There are 23 livestock breeding companies in the region, which are focused on the genetic improvement of cattle and poultry:
3 - in general livestock breeding;
11 - in dairy cattle breeding, including 6 breeding companies and 5 multiplying farms;
3 - pig breeding companies;
2 - multiplying farms - in goat breeding;
3 - breeding companies and a multiplying farm - in horse breeding.
In addition, there are 229 artificial insemination centres in the region.
In 2016, more than UAH 3.5 billion of capital investment has been absorbed in the sector, which is almost twice as much as in 2015.

Completed projects:

reconstruction of 4 livestock facilities for milking of cows in Blahovishchenske District;
construction of a pig breeding facility in Ustynivka District and an egg incubation facility in Haivoron District;
construction of 9 grain drying and storage facilities in 6 districts.

529 pieces of equipment were purchased for the amount of more than 800 million UAH.

The agribusiness in the region has a considerable export potential.

In 2016, foreign trade turnover of the agricultural sector amounted to 332 million USD
Agricultural enterprises and organizations of the region exported agricultural products and prepared food in amount of 325.8 million USD.
The value of agricultural products imported in the region is 6.1 million USD.
The positive balance is 319.7 million USD, meaning that export is 52 times as much as import.

Foreign trade of agricultural products
Parameter 2016:
thousand USD % of the total volume
EXPORT 325847.4 100
Live animals; products of animal origin 7921.1 2.4
Plant products 105405.5 32.3
Animal and vegetable fats and oils 170890 52.4
Prepared food 41630.8 12.8
IMPORT 6173.1 100
Live animals; products of animal origin 243.7 3.9
Plant products 4628.3 75.0
Animal and vegetable fats and oils 49.1 0.8
BALANCE 319674.3 52 times higher