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The total length of public motorways in the region is 6259,2 km

International motorways:

M-04 Znamianka-Luhansk- Izvaryne (to Volgograd via Dnipro and Donetsk)
km 0+000-72+088 - 65,4;

M-12 Stryi-Ternopil- Kirovohrad-Znamianka (via Vinnytsia)
km578+928-km755+519 - 176,6;

M-13 Kirovohrad-Platonove (to Chisinau)
km0+000-km76+432 - 76,4;

M-22 Poltava-Oleksandriia
km126+781-km167+867 - 36,9.

National motorways:

Í-01 Kyiv-Znamianka km241+622-km287+954 - 46,3;

Í-08 Boryspil-Dnipropetrovsk-Zaporizhia (via Kremenchuk) km273+649-km296+735 - 23,1;

Í-14 Oleksandrivka-Kirovohrad-Mykolaiv km0+000-km153+455 - 128,2;

Southern Kirovohrad by-pass road km0+000-km25+580 -25,6;

Í-23 Kirovohrad - Kryvyi Rih - Zaporizhia km0+000-km81+735 -81,7.

The length in use of public railways is 892 km, with 662 km having been electrified.

Railway transportation enterprises in the region include:

regional branch "Odessa Railway" PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia" as its production units: ""Znamianka Directorate of Railway Transport (119 railway stations, platforms and stops) and "Shevchenko Directorate of Railway Transport "
(28 railway stations and platforms);

regional branch "Southern Railway" of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia;

regional branch "Prydniprovska Railway" of PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia.

Major railway routes:

Kyiv - Dnipro;

Kharkiv - Odesa;

Kyiv - Kherson;

Znamianka - Mykolaiv.

Navigation on the Dnieper River is developed (Svitlovodskpier) .

Kirovohrad Airport

ÍCurrently, the airport has no international status, but it can receive international flights permission from relevant authorities.

The length of the Kirovohrad airfield runway is 1301 m.

Kirovohrad airport can accommodate the following aircraft: An-24, An-26, Yak-40, L-410, SAAB-340, Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna and others.

Kirovohrad is the seat of:

PrJSC "International Joint-Stock Aviation Company" Urga" - performs passenger, baggage and mail handling and ensures aviation security control in the passenger terminal. The passenger terminal capacity is intended for the handling of one flight and 50 passengers per hour. The terminal is equipped with special security equipment.

Kirovograd Air Traffic Service of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Branch of UkSATSE - general air traffic services at the Kirovohrad airfield, which includes passenger, charter, transit, training and international flights. VOR / DME, an aerodrome control tower, ensuring adequate level of flight safety, were put into operation.


 îáëàñò³ ïðàöþþòü á³ëüøå In the region there are more than 50 communication operators of various forms of ownership and subordination, which provide telecommunication services (telephone, computer communication, wire and wireless broadcasting, etc.) and postal services.

Major communication providers in the region:
  1. Kirovohrad Branch of PJSC Ukrtelecom;
  2. Kirovohrad Directorate of Ukrainian State Enterprice of Postal Communication Ukrposhta;
  3. ISP SHTORM Ltd;
  4. Kirovograd Branch of the Broadcasting, Radiocommunication and Television Concern.

Mobile service coverage rate: 99%.

Major providers:

Kirovohrad Directorate of Ukrposhta USEPC;

Kirovohrad Branch of PJSC Ukrtelecom;

Kirovograd Branch of the Broadcasting, Radiocommunication and Television Concern.

The entire region has Internet connection.
Post offices:
  jiks Number of employees
Total post offices including: 220 1542
in the regional centre 16 203
in regional cities/towns and urban settlements 50 463
in villages 94 319
Mobile post offices 60 557