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Housing and public utilities sector
Water supply and sewage system: Centralised water supply in the region is provided to the customers in

12 cities and towns (100%);

22 of 27 urban settlements (81.5%);

183 of 991 villages (18.5%); .

Overall length of water supply lines is 2,928.4 km.

Centralised water supply in the region is provided to the customers in:

11 of 12 cities and towns (91.7%), except Blahovishchenske;

18 urban settlements or 74.4% of their total number;

6 villages (0.61 %).

? Sewage systems are available only in Katerynivka, Sozonivka and Stepove villages in Kirovohrad District, and Rivne and Komyshuvate villages in Novoukrainka District.

Overall length of water discharge lines is 960,9 km.

Daily capacity of sewage and wastewater treatment facilities is 140.5 thousand cubic metres.

Municipal heating

Heating in the cities, towns and villages of the region is provided by 16 heating suppliers of various forms of ownership.

Municipal heat and supply companies operate:

92 boiler houses with total thermal capacity of 1203.8 Gcal/h, including:

69 boiler houses on natural gas,

23 - on other types of fuel.

The boiler stations of municipal enterprises are equipped with 282 boiler units of various manufacturers.

Total length of heating networks (double-pipe) is 398.0 km.

Housing stock in Kirovohrad Region:

comprises 309.47 thousand buildings (total area of 24.8 million square metres);

0.47 million sq.m of the total area owned by territorial communities of the Region's towns, cities and settlements;

6.07 million square metres of residential areas are maintained by the companies of the sector;

43 companies provide housing-related services, including:

18 housing and maintenance organisations, incl. 7 - private companies;

25 housing and utility companies, including 1 private company.

Condominium Owners' Associations (COAs) ,314were established in the region, and now they operate 364 apartment buildings.
Public services and amenities: roads and bridges:

The total length of street and road network in the region's inhabited localities is 11,400 km, with the total area of 70 million square meters, including:

8300 km (72.8%) with hard-surface carriageway;

4300 km (38.1 %) with improved carriageway;

600 km (0.5%) with rainwater drainage systems;

3600 km (31.5% of the total length of street and road network) with artificial illumination;

399 bridges and 10 overpasses on streets and roads, including 58 pedestrian bridges used in the cities, towns and settlements.

outdoor lighting:

total length of electrical outdoor lighting network in the region's populated localities is 3585.9 km (31.5% of the total length of the street and road network);

number of light sources - 55,7 thousand, of which 37,8 thousand are energy-saving (67.8% of the total number).

Kirovograd region became the first in Ukraine to start using Owlet "smart" outdoor lighting (114 "smart" street lights in Kropyvnitsky).
urban greening:

The total area of green plantations of all species in the populated localities of the region is
13.3 thousand hectares, including 4.2 thousand hectares of public spaces.

In 2016, 2 hectares of new green plantations were created as public spaces.

domestic waste management:

total number of waste disposal sites (landfills and waste deposits) - 415, total area - 520.41 hectares. During 2016, 47 waste disposal sites were certified;

companies specialising in waste treatment: 42, including 32 municipal and 10 private operators.

In Kropyvnytskyi, a sorting line for the recovery of secondary raw materials is installed on the territory of the Kirovohrad city waste deposit.