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(as at 01.01.2017)

Coat of Arms of Kirovohrad Region Flag of Kirovohrad Region
Schematic map of Kirovohrad Region
Regional Centre: the City of Kropyvnytskyi

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Country Ukraine  
Formation date 10 January 1939  
Population 965.8 thousand people, 2.3% of Ukrainian population
rural population 358.6 thousand people,  
urban population 607.2 thousand people  
Area: 24.6 thousand sq.m 4.1% of Ukrainian territory
Population density: 39.3 persons per 1 sq. km  
Regional State Administration: 1, Heroiv Maidanu Square, Kropyvnytskyi, 25006
Area code: 0 (522) Telephone: 24-03-30, fax: 22-35-66
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Administrative territories:
Cities of region significance 4 jiks
Districts 21 jiks
City Districts 2 jiks
Towns of district significance 8 jiks
Urban settlements 27 jiks
City/town united territorial communities 3 jiks
Settlement united territorial communities - jiks
Village united territorial communities 2 jiks
District Councils 21 jiks
Town/City Councils 9 jiks
City District Councils 2 jiks
Settlement Councils 27 jiks
Village Councils 370 jiks
City/town councils of united territorial communities 3 jiks
Settlement councils of united territorial communities - jiks
Village councils of united territorial communities 2 jiks
By road from Kropyvnytskyi to Kyiv 300 km
By rail from Kropyvnytskyi to Kyiv 392 km
Geographical data:
The Region is located in the centre of Ukraine, located in the southern part of Dnieper. Upland between the Dnieper and the Southern Bug rivers, on the boundary of forest-steppe and steppe zones.
The climate is moderately continental.
The region's territory is crossed by 438 rivers; the largest of them are: Inhulets, Inhul, Syniukha Borders on: Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava and Cherkasy regions.
Structure of land resources:
Lands by designated use and function thousand hectares
Total area 2458.8
including: farmland 2034.7
incl.: arable land 1764.5
forest and other forested areas 189.0
built-up land 89.5
waters 76.8
other lands 23.9
Region's share in the economy of Ukraine:
Volume of sold industrial products (goods, services), net of VAT and excise tax (%) 1.3
Agricultural products (%) 4.71
Plant production (%) 5.51
Animal production (%) 2.81
Retail trade turnover (%) 1.8
Capital investment, % 1.51
Goods export, % 1.2
1 - preliminary figures  
Branch structure of sold industrial products (works, services) by main types of economic activity Volume of sold industrial products (goods, services), net of VAT and excise tax, % of total sold goods
Industry 100
Extractive and processing industry 77.5
Mining and quarrying 3.9
Processing industry 73.6
food and beverage production 40.0
manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather, leather goods and other products 0.5
manufacture of wooden products, paper and printing 2.1
manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products ...2
manufacture of chemical substances and chemical products 1.4
manufacture of pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations ...2
manufacture of rubber and plastic products, other non-metallic mineral products 2.5
Water supply, wastewater disposal, waste treatment 1.1
2 - confidential information  
Industrial production:
Description 2013 2014 2015 2016
Volume of sold industrial products (goods, services), net of VAT and excise tax, million UAH 14416.7 17505.6 20319.3 22854.2
Industrial Production Index (%) 106.6 100.8 82.9 120.3
Industrial output sold per person, UAH. 14434.1 17788.9 20800.5 23390.5
Total number of business entities with agriculture as main activity 3229
state-owned enterprises 8
cooperatives 26
private enterprises 217
business partnerships 405
private farms 2550
other undertakings 23
Structure of gross agricultural production:
plant production (%) 83.9
animal husbandry (%) 16.1
Production of major agricultural products:
Crops Total plant production
(all categories of companies), thousand tonnes
Average yields
(all categories of companies), hundred kilograms per hectare
Grain and leguminous crops 3725.8 46.1
Sugar beet (industrial grade) 657.5 385.1
Sunflower 1293.8 22.4
Other crops:    
vegetables 233.9 137.1
potatoes 603.4 148
fruit and berries 28.1 56.2
Products Volume of livestock production 1
(all categories of companies)
Meat (cattle and poultry sold for slaughter as live weight), thousand tonnes 71.9
Milk (thousand tonnes) 307.7
Eggs (million) 455.6
Financial and credit institutions:
As of January 1, 2017, according to the Unified Electronic State Register of Banks of Ukraine in the Kirovohrad Region, the banking system of the Region consisted of 244 separate subdivisions of banks, including 3 branches and 241 sub-branches of 32 Ukrainian banks
Foreign investment:
Foreign direct investment per person amounts to 61.3 USD
Foreign economic activity:
Volume of exports: 425.1 million USD
Export growth rate (% of 2015 volume) - 104.6%.
Balance of foreign trade in goods: 243.1 million USD.
Customs Offices:
Type Number Number of employees
Customs Offices 1 80
Customs stations 2 22
Transport and communications:
Rail transport
Companies 31 jiks
Railway stations 147 jiks
Air Transport
Availability: airline companies 2 jiks
airports - -
Road transport
Companies 108 jiks
Companies providing    
passenger transportation 28 jiks
cargo transportation 78 jiks
of national significance 1996,6 km
of local significance 4262,6 km
Sea and river transport 1 (terminal) jiks
Public telecommunication
telephone communications in:    
cities/towns 101,5 thousand sets
villages 20,7 thousand sets
Main stations per 100 families 28 jiks
1 - Znamianka and Shevchenko Directorates of railway tansport of the Regional Branch "Odesa Railroad" PSAC "Ukrainian Railways"
Total number of shopping faacilities owned by legal entities 1494
including: stores 1187
Per capita retail sales volume (annual average), UAH 9864,0
Number of small enterprises per 10 thousand available population 751 jiks
Average number of employees per small enterprise 41 persons
Sales of products (works, services) by small enterprises 21808,31 million UAH
Number of registered individual entrepreneurs 39,6 thousand persons
1 - 2015 figures
Social protection:
(as at 01.01.2017)
Total number of pensioners, 293 516 persons
retirement pensioners 225 353 persons
disablement pensioners 29 783 persons
recipients of survivor pension 15 377 persons
old-age pensioners 7 809 persons
recipients of social pensions 2 892 persons
of the Ministry of Defence 5 328 persons
of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 5 069 persons
of the Security Service 327 persons
of the State Penitentiary Service 565 persons
of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine 642 persons
of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine 167 persons
of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection 23 persons
of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 80 persons
of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine 8 persons
of the National Guard of Ukraine 11 persons
of the National Police of Ukraine 82 persons
Average monthly salary of full-time employee 3974 UAH
Gross payroll - full-time employees 8424,4 million UAH
Disposable income 26016 million UAH
Real disposable income growth rate 82,1 %
Disposable income per person 26631,2 UAH
Labour market statistics:
Employment rate - 52.9%;
Unemployment rate (under ILO methodology) - 12.4%
Labour resources:
Total employed population between 15 and 70 years of age: 375,7 thousand persons
of active working age 363,4 thousand persons
Total employed population by types of activity 386,81 thousand persons
in industry: 50,51 thousand persons
in agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishery 109,41 thousand persons
in other types of activity 201,11 thousand persons
in public administration and defence 25,81 thousand persons
1 - 2015 figures
Demographic data:
Births 8859 persons
Deaths 16277 persons
Migration processes:
moved in 8398 persons
moved out 8374 persons
Science and research:
Total number of organisations carrying out research and development activities 15 jiks
Number of scientists/researchers 417 persons
Doctors of Science 74 persons
Candidates of Science 574 persons
Educational institutions    
Number of higher education institutions of III-IV accreditation level 3 jiks
number of students 9554 persons
research-and-teaching staff 752 persons
teaching staff 124 persons
Number of higher education institutions of I-II accreditation level 13 jiks
number of students 5965 persons
research-and-teaching staff 18 persons
teaching staff 769 persons
Vocational technical schools 23 jiks
number of students 7528 persons
General educational institutions 458 persons
number of pupils 91576 persons
teaching staff 11468 persons
Educational complexes (associations) 144 jiks
number of pupils 43043 persons
teaching staff 5016 persons
Pre-school educational facilities 509 persons
number of attending children 32947 persons
teaching staff 3694 persons
including: Educational complexes (associations) (school - kindergarten) 96 jiks
number of pupils 10608 persons
teaching staff 1733 persons
Medical establishments    
Healthcare centres 47 jiks
Patient capacity 8007 beds
Patient capacity per 10 thousand population 83,5 beds
Staff doctors of all specialisations 3191 persons
Staff doctors per 10 thousand population 33,3 persons
Nursing staff 9075 persons
Number of outpatient health facilities 87 jiks
Planned outpatient health facilities capacity 26014 visits per shift
Planned outpatient health facilities capacity, per 10 thousand population 271,2 visits per shift
Rural health posts 475 jiks
Number of rural health posts workers 884 persons
Farmacies 583 jiks
Number: Jiks.
Concert organisations 1
Theatres 2
Libraries 574
Museums (incl. branches) 30
Clubs 577
including: cultural centres 366
village clubs 206
Hobby clubs 674
Children's music schools 30
Children's schools of art 13
Children's schools of painting 3
Sports facilities:
Stadiums 21 jiks
Gyms 444 jiks
Swimming pools 8 jiks
Outdoor sports facilities 2115 jiks
Fitness facilities 353 jiks
Other sports facilities 97 jiks
Historical and architectural landmarks, monuments of art
Number of significant sites/landmarks 5791
Historical 2161
Architectural and town-planning 905
Monumental 26
Landscape sites and reserves 2
Archaeological 2697